• austin 10 boot luggage Hi, my father in law is getting rid of a large case which was the luggage boot of an Austin ten. Is it of use to anyone? If so do make contact. Ewanb at tinyworld dot co dot uk
  • Available Austins or Water elbows Hello, Chasing a few bits to get a shed-find 1934 holden-bodied Austin 10 running again, as it hasn't in 30 years. One thing I'm having some difficulty with currently is aluminium pieces, such as th...MORE
  • Austin Goodwood info Hello Everybody, I'm hoping your archives or members may have some more information about our Austin Goodwood, chassis FRA40145. I know its an August 1938 build car [piston type shocks/lubricated spr...MORE
  • Austin 10 Hi My mother has a fantastic (what we believe to be an Austin 10 two seat convertible roadster) in the shed. She has owned this vehicle for the last 40 years and it would have only driven 10kms in ...MORE
  • Austin 10/4 front and rear hub torques Would just like to know if anyone knows what the torque settings is for the front and rear hub nuts. Or if anyone knows where i can get them from. Thanks
  • Cambridge seats free for collection I have a pair of front seat(bottom cushions only) and also rear seat(back and bottom cushion) and a pair of running boards to fit a ten Cambridge.there all quite rough but it's a shame to throw them i...MORE
  • timimg chain rattle when oil is up to temparture Hi, I am new here. I have owned my 1946 GS1. I rebuilt the engine 2 years ago, but didn't renew the timing chain. It started to rattle after the rebuild, but only when the oil was hot? I removed the t...MORE
  • Austin 10 4 rear axle rebuild Setting up pre load. Hi I am currently restoring an Austin 10 4 and have completely stripped the rear axle. I am rebuilding it but was wondering how you set up the pre load on the bearings within the diff as there are two...MORE
  • Shock absorbers for 1938 Austin 10 Hi, I am carrying out some mechanical restoration work on a 1938 Austin 10 Cambridge. Where can I get reconditioned front lever shock absorbers (pair), or info on where my old ones can be rebuilt. ...MORE
  • 1932 Austin 10/4 oil pressure What is the correct oil pressure for an Austin 10/4 and should it vary with revs. Is 30psi at tick over hot and cold an indication of a problem?

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