• FLT 456 Hi I am trying to locate an Austin 10 my father used to have - registered FLT 456 in or around 1937. I believe it was First registered in London but brought up to Scotland in the late 1950's Just t...MORE
  • To Trace Mike Bevan and Austin 12?4 I am trying to Trace Mike Bevan who at one time was I believe Secretary of the Owners Club. He bought from me my Grandfathers 1933 Austin 12/4.for restoration, and I know health issues interrupted his...MORE
  • Floor mats / running board rubber for 1932 Austin 10 Sedan Were the original floor mats for the 10's rubber or carpet? Are they available ready made? Also, are the running board rubbers with the Austin imprint etc available? Thanks.
  • Buying an Austin 10 I have a 1931 Austin Seven at present but old age and arthritis make it increasingly difficult for my wife and I to get a comfortable drive. I like the Austin 12 but don't think that I could get one i...MORE
  • Austin Ten petrol pump Hallo, I am currently working on a late 1933 Austin Ten (Chrome radiator model). I have the petrol pump on the bench for overhauling. There is however some debate as to whether this is the correct ...MORE
  • Austin 10 door key Hallo, Can anyone aim me in the direction of an ELMO 5090 door key for a 1934 Austin Ten ? Thank you
  • 1936 Austin Ascot 12/6 spare wheel Hi There Does anyone need a spare wheel for an Ascot 12/6 1936 as I have one left over from a car I owned many yr's ago. It was refurbished about 30 yrs ago and has been sitting in my garage ever sin...MORE
  • shock absorber settings 1933 10/4 at what pressure should they be set ie front . and rear
  • Colwyn sale Before I advertise in the public domain thought I would let members know first, I intend to sell my 1934 Colwyn, 07729474328
  • Battery box lid Hi members I am restoring a pre war 1933 Austin 10 that l have recently purchased. Unfortunately the passengers side battery lid is missing. This is an general request to ask if any one has an old one...MORE

The Austin Ten Drivers Club – or ATDC for short – caters for those who enjoy Austin Ten motor cars of 1932-1939 and larger Austins 12-28hp of 1931-1939.

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