• Cambridge seats free for collection I have a pair of front seat(bottom cushions only) and also rear seat(back and bottom cushion) and a pair of running boards to fit a ten Cambridge.there all quite rough but it's a shame to throw them i...MORE
  • timimg chain rattle when oil is up to temparture Hi, I am new here. I have owned my 1946 GS1. I rebuilt the engine 2 years ago, but didn't renew the timing chain. It started to rattle after the rebuild, but only when the oil was hot? I removed the t...MORE
  • Austin 10 4 rear axle rebuild Setting up pre load. Hi I am currently restoring an Austin 10 4 and have completely stripped the rear axle. I am rebuilding it but was wondering how you set up the pre load on the bearings within the diff as there are two...MORE
  • Shock absorbers for 1938 Austin 10 Hi, I am carrying out some mechanical restoration work on a 1938 Austin 10 Cambridge. Where can I get reconditioned front lever shock absorbers (pair), or info on where my old ones can be rebuilt. ...MORE
  • 1932 Austin 10/4 oil pressure What is the correct oil pressure for an Austin 10/4 and should it vary with revs. Is 30psi at tick over hot and cold an indication of a problem?
  • Dos and Don'ts Hi, I am about to help a friend of mine get his inherited 1936 Austin 10 Sherbourne running again. I have good knowledge of classic car engines and workings and i know that the engine turns and is no...MORE
  • 1934 Austin 10/4 I am restoring an Austin 10/4 and am looking for the following spares 1) Trafficators 1 pair (6V) 2) Tail Lights 2 Nos 3) Horn Button ...MORE
  • 1936 light 12/6 Hi i am rebuilding a 1700 light 12/6 engine for a friend and hope someone can help me with the oil clearances for the mains and big ends,also the torque settings for the cylinder head,mains and big en...MORE
  • Looking for a pair of Lucas SS30 headlamps Can anyone help - would ideally like as new old stock, but would restore them
  • Rosengart owner Hi I am seeking the owner of a Rosengart LR4 once registered with the Austin Seven Club. I would be pleased to hear from anybody with information. Thanks in anticipation

The Austin Ten Drivers Club – or ATDC for short – caters for those who enjoy Austin Ten motor cars of 1932-1939 and larger Austins 12-28hp of 1931-1939.

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