• Help to look at a car I am a brand new member and am looking to purchase an A10 from Newhaven in Sussex. Is there anyone who could perhaps look at the car with me sometime, as I am new to classic cars and am uncertain wha...MORE
  • advice to sell an Austin 10 my father passed away a few weeks ago and leaves behind his pride and joy his Austin 10. can anyone recommend the best way for me to do this or I'll have to try eBay.
  • Phishing Recently this forum has received a spate of gobble-de-gook emails that appear to be phishing attempts or at least random spam. Please do not attempt to respond to any doubtful-looking posts but use t...MORE
  • 1934 Austin 10 Tourer - MJ 1960 I was the proud owner of a 1934 Austin 10 Tourer in the early sixties. It was a fun car but unfortunately sold it when I went in Canada for a year. I would love to hear about the car and wonder if it ...MORE
  • Rear Hub Caps 1932 Austin 10 Does anyone know where I can source the two rear hub caps for my 1932 Austin 10. These are the small cap inserts that cover the axle nuts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Dave
  • Morris 10 rear doors I have a pair of rear doors in fair condition, Windows, hinges and winders in place, found in a stable loft which I think may be off a Morris 10. If any one is interested I can send photos.
  • Body to chassis mounting I am restoring a 36 Clifton ,the rear body corners were rotten as was the wood floor ,does the chassis mount to the wood floor or body
  • water pump Austin 10 Hi Members, can anyone assist in sourcing a water pump for an Austin 10 , Thanks in advance, Derek Browne
  • Austin 10 Hire Hi to all Austin 10 owners. I'm hoping that someone will be able to help. My father is about to turn 80 and although he wants no fuss we have arrange a family Sunday lunch on 18th October. His first...MORE
  • TL2570 / Paul Redshaw In 1999 my late father responded to a request in our local paper and visited the Sleaford Classic Car Show where Paul Redshaw had brought his 1932 10/4 TL2570 on it's first visit for many years to the...MORE

The Austin Ten Drivers Club – or ATDC for short – caters for those who enjoy Austin Ten motor cars of 1932-1939 and larger Austins 12-28hp of 1931-1939.

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