• 1935 Austin Ten four Garage Chart? Dear Members I am clearing out some of my father\'s papers and have found a Feb 1935 Austin \"ten four\" Garage Chart in good condition. I would like to find an enthusiasts home for it. What do you...MORE
  • BUO 456 Hi, I am a former member (1970s) and previous owner of a Lichfield, reg. BUO 456 - which was my first car. The last I heard of it was that it was alivbe and well and living in Kent; DVLA tell me that ...MORE
  • log book I have just purchased a Austin 10 without any paper work, How does one go about obtaining a new log book , I wish to keep the original reg, I have the Reg, Chassis no, Engine and Body numbers, Can an...MORE
  • Austin Eight parts needed Hi All Got hold of my first proper vintage car, '46 Austin 8 I know little about them but learning, can I ask on this forum? Have a few noises front the front so looking for some bits, can any one he...MORE
  • rear oil seals Hi Bill thanks for your reply nothing is getting by the leather i have today resealed up the sides of the leather and all exits towards the castleated nuts regards Brian
  • rear hub seals I am having trouble sealing the rear hubs on a1933 austin 10 Ive replaced the leather seals can anyone help please Brian walton
  • Poor starting Hi, I have a 1938 Austin !0 Cambridge. It will not start easily particularly from cold but runs fine when hot. The petrol pump does not appear to be working properly. Can anyone tell me are there iden...MORE
  • Hinge Contact details for previous request for hinge.colin.homewood@yahoo.co.uk. Tel 01626865114 thanks
  • Bonnet hinge I am looking for the top bonnet hinge for an 1933 Austin ten four.it is the one that runs from the windscreen to the radiator and has a brass rod running through it and two clamps that bolt to the rad...MORE
  • 18/6 core plugs I recently (well, today actually) acquired a 1937 18/6 and it has blown out a core plug - does anybody have any for sale or know where I could get some? Thanks.

The Austin Ten Drivers Club – or ATDC for short – caters for those who enjoy Austin Ten motor cars of 1932-1939 and larger Austins 12-28hp of 1931-1939.

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