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David Johnson
2017-08-03 00:09:23

Thanks for your reply and advice. I shall have to replace the battery anyway as the records which came with the car show it was last replaced in 2003 with a very "inexpensive" 35AH Halfords caravan/ leisure battery, I think I should also replace the starter button which does not appear to be making contact properly. A good starting point anyway and thankyou.

2017-08-02 08:32:19

Hi David, a clicking when operating the starter usually means a low battery current which is not pulling the solenoid in. I don't have experience with the 12/4 but this is the case with many solenoid starting options. Check battery for condition and all cable connection are tight. A dud cell in the battery is often the problem as the starter takes all the power from it.

David Johnson
2017-08-02 03:29:30

Starter motor on my Light 12/4 Ascot is slow and sometimes does not connect. Is there a solenoid on these starters which could be faulty or have dirty contacts? When you press the dash button all you get sometimes is a click - then nothing. Repeated pressing the button sometimes starts the engine. Other times the starter will run but painfully slowly. My 10/4 bursts into action immediately by comparison. Any help would be most appreciated as I am a complete 12/4 novice.

2017-07-19 14:52:14

This is probably too late,but the locking ring on the end of the Bendix drive is just peened in place with a blunt chisel into the two end slots. You will need to take the Bendix drive off the starter motor shaft first to avoid possible damage. As a matter of interest, I was quoted £395 for a reconditioned starter motor back in May

Bob Taylor
2017-04-03 17:57:11

Thanks for the advice/contacts ..... I will give them a call ... I want to see if I can get it sorted this season as starting with the starting handle looks the part but always results in a few knuckle scrapings with your hand /wrist between the body and bumper.

2017-04-03 17:40:18

Hi Bob,

I think you'll have to look for a used starter, either that or have yours reconditioned. There are specialist repairers advertised in the Automobile and similar mags, but Mark Greening (Alderton Austin Services 0124 262 0609) or Theo Selby (located at Austins of Old Arley) might be able to find a serviceable replacement.

Good luck,

Peter C. [6515]

Bob Taylor
2017-04-03 16:52:00

Does anyone know the best place to buy a replacement starter motor (or spares) for my Austin 12/4. It is a Lucas m418a. The issue I have is the dog gear pushes the lock ring off the end of the spline because the thread is worn and then it jams in the ring gear.

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