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2017-06-29 14:19:34

Pump works fine so I'll stick with it. Thanks for the advice

2017-06-29 10:35:46

The type of fuel pump changed during production. Austin often just fitted what happened to be on the shelf at the time the car was going down the line. During its working life a car may also have a different pump fitted.

Austin 10/4 list of spare parts shows the pump on page 16. You need to find a parts list that is contemporary to your car to see what pump it had - but even these cannot be relied upon as accurate evidence.

Publication No 909 dated Aug 1932 shows a pump without a glass bowl. (Austin part No GH14 - does not give AC part No)

Publication No 1172 dated 5.34 (May 1934) shows a fuel pump with a glass bowl. (Austin part No GH21 - again does not give an AC part No).

My 10/4 was registered May 1934 but does not have a fuel pump like either of these - but it has a later engine.

The Aug 1933 Parts list is clearly not definitive as it shows 6v instruments & dash light on page 26 whereas in Aug 1933 the model changed to 12v.

More critical for the correct operation of the pump is the length of the cam lever - these can also very.

I believe that the glass bowl pump is appropriate for your car. If after your overhaul it works OK then stick with it.
Peter W

2017-06-28 23:17:44

It should be an AC model U. The original type didn't have a glass bowl.

2017-06-28 12:59:16


I am currently working on a late 1933 Austin Ten (Chrome radiator model).

I have the petrol pump on the bench for overhauling.  There is however some debate as to whether this is the correct pump for the car. It is an AC type B with integral glass bowl. ???

Would a member be kind enough to email me a picture of the most commonly used pump on that model.?

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