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2017-09-08 14:11:00

Thanks for the advice Ted and I will certainly try the banana paper solution which appeals to my sense of humour. I must apologize for my delay in replying which has been the result of ill health and I am always very grateful of any help.

2017-08-15 18:13:55

David cant you make the templates yourself and send them to Coverdale to be made up,they didnt have the pattern for my Sherborne 6 months ago i made the templates and sent them off then you know they will be exactly right for your car,
I shop in Morrisons and saw their boxes of bananas had a quite stiff brown paper covering the bananas and it was excellent for templates as it is reasonably stiff,not like paper, i made my full car templates from them.Ted

2017-08-15 18:03:49

Thanks for the recommendation Edward. I shall certainly give them a call. Unfortunately, Exeter is a very long way for me so I will not be able to give them the car to fit the carpets but I hope they will have some patterns.
Best wishes

2017-08-15 10:06:24

David, give the following a try:-
TFI Motor Trimmers,
Cofton Rd
Marsh Barton
Exeter, EX2 8QW
01392 498888
email on

They made up the whole set for my New Ascot (but then they did have the car in their workroom for the pattern)

Ted of Lympstone

2017-08-14 23:09:03

Can anyone recommend a company who can manufacture a set of carpets for a 1935 12/4 Ascot, I suppose a 12/6 would be the same. I have tried Coverdale but nobody seems to have the pattern/ templates. A recommendation from a club member who has purchased a set would be most welcome. The existing carpets appear to be 1970's bedroom quality bit of patterned carpets so cant use them as a template. I don't have the facilities or ability to make some myself.

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