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2018-05-12 17:56:32

Hi Andy
Try Theo of Austins of Old Arley.  He is an Austin specialist and has been restoring Austins for years!  He will tell you what needs to be done and what dose not.   Austin 10 gearboxes are very robust and provided they have had the oil changed regularly will run forever.
Austins of Old Arley  tel 01676542174
And join this club for valuable spares and lots of free advice on this website.
from Bill French

2018-05-12 15:31:25

Hello all

My late father fully restored a 10/4 around 15 years ago, he was a member of the 10/4 DC and took it to many shows etc, it even won a few prizes.  Hence how I've ended up here.

Its not run for several years (I've hand cranked it a few times) and I want to get it back on the road.

When it was on the road I remember it always ran rough and was a bugger to start.  There was seemingly endless adjustments to the carb!

I'm thinking I want to drop the engine and have it fully rebuilt.  New bearings etc, the full works.  I want it to run sweeter than the day it come off the line.

I also want to sort the carb. reconditioned?

And the gearbox, reconditioned?

Can anyone suggest a shop/firm that you'd trust to do this?

I'm Manchester, but I can travel within reason.

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