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#1 2016-12-21 12:12:11

Charles goodwin

Battery leads and side lights getting really warm (hot)

I've just connected a 12V battery instead of 2 6V batteries on my barn find Austin 10 Cambridge. The problem is that the cable connected to the starter is getting quite warm (hot) and so are the lights on the wheel arches.

Has anyone had this same problem? or does anyone know what would be causing this?

Before anyone asks i'm not sure what the amps of the battery is (i'm at work and cant remember). If it is to do with the amps of the battery could some tell me what battery would work best?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

#2 2016-12-21 13:02:58

From: Polegate, East Sussex
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Re: Battery leads and side lights getting really warm (hot)

Hi Charles,
description is a bit vague, so in no particular order:-

Are there any short circuited connections.

Is the wiring in good condition,

Are the connections good and clean,

Are the earth connections good

Are the cables of sufficient gauge thickness copper wire to handle the required load?

Regarding battery - in part dependent on size of battery box.

I'd probably be thinking of maybe a Halfords 063 size for ease of reference (maybe a bit smaller) but you'd have to check physical dimensions.
In my 12/4, I've got a Moura 005L no doubt there is a Halfords or A.N.Other equivalent.

You don't say where you are located - there could be someone near to advise further.

PS there's a wealth of knowledge in the club, so if serious then worth joining!
Steve V.

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#3 2016-12-21 22:26:20

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Re: Battery leads and side lights getting really warm (hot)

The amperage of the battery is irrelevant to your problem. The starter motor (or any electrical circuit) in good condition will only draw the number of amps it requires to operate. If the battery is of a larger capacity that doesn't matter as the electrical circuit won't draw more than it needs.

Therefore it sounds like you have a problem with the starter motor. Does the starter motor turn the engine at normal sort of speed or does it turn it slowly? You could have an internal short in the motor or something like seized bearings that are creating high resistance and therefore the motor is drawing a much higher current to try and overcome the resistance.

Or it could be a poor earth. The starter motor is earthed directly to the engine, but if the engine earth strap is missing or has corroded contacts then the starter circuit will look for an alternative earth path. This could be through any other metal components attached to the engine such as petrol pipe, choke cable, or other wiring. 

The side lights shouldn't be getting warm unless there is a short in the wiring to them or somehow the starter is using them as an earth path.


#4 2016-12-24 11:42:47

From: LS25 6EA
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Re: Battery leads and side lights getting really warm (hot)

presume the side light casings are getting warm with the lights off?


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