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#1 2016-12-28 14:37:01

Steve Drewitt

Austin 10 Ex. WW2?

Hi All.

My name is Steve and I am a modest collector of all things mechanical and WW2.

I am trying to delve into the history of an Austin 10, 1938 model and whether it may have seen action throughout the War. The original paint colour appears olive drab but apart from that I know no more. May  I ask is there a chassis number data base etc. which I may find more history of this particular car?

Thank you in anticipation


#2 2017-01-03 05:23:12

David Johnson

Re: Austin 10 Ex. WW2?

The year worries me. Are you absolutely confident that your car is a 1938 model? There was a model change in late 1939 when the alligator grill and front opening bonnet was introduced. Most war production cars are of this type and although the government were purchasing military vehicles in larger numbers from 1938, just before Munich, I believe that the majority of these earlier cars were either destroyed or left behind in France following Dunkirk. Records of this period can be rather rare but there is strong evidence that the German army used captured British vehicles in France, Belgium and Holland throughout the war. A little know fact is that the Wermacht used many captured British and Allied vehicles including railway rolling stock. Hence, the railway carriages and rolling stock from the Wagon-lits/ Orient Express ending up on the eastern front as a hospital train. 

There is also, of course, the possibility that your car never left England but in my experience these early purchases were well thrashed and scrapped well before 1945 and did not survive to be resold into the civilian market. I also believe the majority of closed saloon cars in England were used by the RAF but again previous research I have undertaken does not give conclusive figures. I would guess that in 1945/ 46 nobody thought such records to be of any importance and they were destroyed.

Perhaps a photograph may help in identifying the model together with the chassis number and body style reference (Usually found on plates fixed to the under-body front nearside bulkhead). Have you also considered contacting the Imperial War Museum. I am often amazed by the quantity of incidental papers and note they have which are not on display to the public and after 78 years still appear under lock and key.

Sorry I cant be of more help at this time.

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