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#1 2018-02-17 11:32:30

Russell Moore

Austin 10 Rebuild

I just bought my first vintage, here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, a Austin 10, but it has no papers. The chassis number is G36671 and the car no: GRA 10231. I am trying to find out year model. I have lots of photos if I could send them to someone to take a look? I also need to speak to someone about parts, once I find out the year model. I am a totally novice, this is a father and son project. We do not have a local Austin Club. Thank You.

#2 2018-02-17 13:29:34

From: Newton Mearns, Glasgow
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Re: Austin 10 Rebuild

Hi Russell,

Your car is a chrome rad Ten probably manufactured late 1933 and registered early 1934.
I'm not an expert on Tens, but the Car Number GRA10231 should allow some of our gurus to tell you the exact type.
If you send a couple of pictures it would help.
Even though you are not in the UK, it would be an advantage to join the club, as it would give you access to a great deal of information, advice and access to our Spares department.
Good luck with your project.

Peter C. [6515]


#3 2018-02-17 18:04:44

From: Teesside,North Yorkshire.
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Re: Austin 10 Rebuild

Reading it Peter he would need to know who to send the photos to who might help him.Ted


#4 2018-02-17 21:10:26

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Re: Austin 10 Rebuild

As Peter C says, the chassis & body Nos No indicate an Austin 10/4 saloon of early 1934 (about April) popularly known as the "chrome rad saloon" probably de luxe (most were).  Austin 10s of this period did not have model names unlike the larger hp cars. It should look similar to OD 8760 illustrated on this website (open in new window) … ad-image-8
This age of Ten is one of the most popular because of its antique looks combined with practical features. It will have the X-braced chassis frame and 12v electrics (negative earth). It will be the "wide-bodied" model which has a bit more hip and elbow room in the back seats than earlier cars.
Peter W


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