12 - 14 HP

Austin Twelve Range

Cars in this group get a bit complicated. There are two distinct models called Twelve distinguished by the terms Heavy and Light usually shown as H12 and Lt12. To further complicate the issue the Lt12 had three different engine options during its life. The 14 is a late version of the Lt 12/6 15.9hp.

Heavy Twelve

Introduced in 1921 the Austin Twelve continued in production into the 1930s as the H12 and also provided the chassis for the Austin taxi. The car retained a small but faithful following of buyers. 

4-cyl 1,861cc engine 12.8hp rating – alloy crankcase. Bodies were modernised in line with other Austin models. Saloons and open cars were offered in both H12 and 16/6 versions often indistinguishable except for the Austin Six badge on the 16. Production of the H12 as a private car ceased in 1935 but continued as a taxi chassis to 1939.

Light Twelve

The Light 12 was introduced in 1931 as the Harley saloon with a six-cylinder 1,496 cc monobloc engine rated as 13.9hp for tax. Early models had a 3-speed ball-change gearbox. Fiting a 4-speed gearbox improved the sluggish performance but the model suffered the usual fault of small 6-cylinder cars at that time of having more friction than power. As a consequence larger 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines were offered.

In 1934 the Ascot saloon was introduced with a boot covering the spare wheel but retaining the exposed radiator. For a short time both Harley and Ascot were available. The cowled rad Ascot with both ends matching in the latest Austin style appeared later in 1934.

Other Lt12 models included the Open Road tourer, Eton 2-seater, Newbury Sports tourer and Kempton Sports saloon, vans and light trucks. Body makers such as Gordon, Salmons, Tickford and Redfern offerred special bodies on Lt12 and H12.

Lt12 Engines

By 1934 the Light Twelve could be had with any of these three engines at the same price:-
◦Lt 12/4 1,535cc 11.9 hp
◦Lt 12/6 1,496cc 13.9 hp
◦Lt 12/6 1,711cc 15.9 hp.

The 13.9 ceased in 1936.

Lt 12 Sports

The Sports model was offered only as Lt12/6 first with a developed version of the 13.9 and then 15.9. Most surviving early Sports models have been converted to 15.9.

12hp and 14hp

New Programme models introduced in 1936 were:
◦New Ascot 12 with 4-cyl 11.9 hp
◦Goodwood 14 with 6-cyl 15.9 hp

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