20 - 28 HP

Austin Twenty Range

The biggest Austin cars came in a variety of wheelbase lengths and model types.  Like the smaller cars they were updated and revised regularly – with the same name often being re-used for different models.


The 20/6 Ranelagh was continued in 1931 and 1932 in both Limousine and Landaulette version on the long 11ft 4in wheelbase. In addition there was a Mayfair on the 10ft 10in wheelbase chassis and Whitehall and Carlton saloons on 10ft.

For 1933 and 1934 the Mayfair and Carlton were deleted, the others updated in style. 1935 saw the re-introduction of the Mayfair Limousine alongside the Ranelagh cars – all on the 11ft 4in wheelbase and with the new cowled-radiator look.

In 1936 the Ranelagh disappeared but the name was revived for the sole limousine model with new programme features in 1938 as the Austin 28 Ranelagh – in appearance a large Cambridge or Goodwood style body.


The engine in the 20/6 was until 1937 the 3,400cc with 23.5 hp rating and 66 bhp at 3000 rpm. From 1938 a 4016 cc engine rated at 27.75 hp and 90 bhp at 3200 rpm.


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