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Geof Dykes
2018-05-18 19:47:52

Rumour has it it that the owner of the car will return this summer to attend to the vehicle.  What will happen?  I do not know but the next post should be the end of this thread.

2016-12-22 21:58:42

Thats encouraging,

I'm sure theres plenty of scope for repair.

Keep us posted..!!

Geof Dykes
2016-12-21 21:52:00

A step forward.  The owner lives abroad.  Having ignored the car for 5/6 years, maybe he has consigned it to his past.  Contact will be made through third parties.  Low value as person who moved it to the barn, a mechanic, says that the block is split (his word).  Watch this space but do not hold your breath, I have no control over speed of events.

2016-08-25 20:22:35

If the DVLA are unable to help, could you explore who owns the barn? Its not uncommon to rent a barn to store cars, and that might be an easier avenue to look down?

Really keen to hear how you get on now smile

Good luck,


Geof Dykes
2016-08-25 20:10:39

David, FYI.  I agree it is strange.  The car is in a barn and people in businesses nearby have been aware of the car for a number of years but have no knowledge of the owner. An Austin enthusiast who has seen the car has pronounced it to be in good condition- little visible deterioration of the body;  three tyres are inflated but I think they might crack when the car is moved; the engine turns on the handle and there are signs that plugs might have been changed.  When this was done is difficult to guess.  The vehicle has been well covered.  I hope that the car can be put back on the road, hence my attempt to trace the owner.  I have a feeling that he/she will be found.  I too checked on the DVLA site for the details that you quoted.  I have submitted completed forms to Swansea but they refuse me any information, quoting the DPA.  The ATDC was suggested as a possible source of help and that might turn out to be so.

2016-08-22 21:47:33

When you say you have "found" it do you mean it appears abandoned? The car is on the DVLA vehicle register and it was last taxed in 2007. Seems strange if a car dating from 1938 that was on the road 9 years ago is now abandoned.

Geof Dykes
2016-08-22 17:25:36

I have 'found' an Austin 10 - GEV 123 - and I would like to trace the owner.  The DVLA pleads 'data protection' and the land owner has no knowledge of ownership.  Is there anyone who can help?  Thanks in anticipation..

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