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2017-01-13 10:51:59

Hi Brian.

As has been said the usual problem is too much oil and seals giving way.

Might I respectfully suggest that if you were to join the ATDC you would have access to all this valuable information from the members area of the forum without having to wait for a reply.

brian walton
2017-01-13 10:37:40

thanks for the comments regarding a grease nipple on rear hub there is plenty of oil but quite an imbalance Ive had a job sealing the nearside which is now OK the offside does have some oil thanks again for your thoughts it was just an    idea regards brian

2017-01-12 20:59:27

The rear axle contains oil not grease.

Use Castrol D 140 or equivalent. … -oils.html

Do NOT use anything labelled Hypoy as these contain additives that destroy the bronze bushes in the mechanism.

2017-01-12 19:53:11

Hi Brian,
as long as the hub bearing is receiving some oil I don't see it as an issue, you would expect the offside to get less oil even if only due to road camber being biased towards the nearside.

Usually there is more of an issue regarding the hub oil seals
not doing their job allowing oil to run down the rear face of the back plates causing potential contamination of the brakes.

Steve V

PS just seen what Richard said and I agree with his comments.

2017-01-12 19:51:54

Hi Brian,

If you are referring to the oil in the rear axle I am a little mystified as to why you feel that a grease nipple is required.

If there is sufficient oil in the differential there will be enough to supply both hubs but possibly more oil could reach the near side if the roads you are driving on have a steep camber but once on a flat road things should then even up.

Have I got the wrong end of the stick and writing rubbish?



brian walton
2017-01-12 18:31:42

1933 Austin ten the offside rear hub does not really receive as much oil as the nearside I have fitted one to a scrap hub and it works  on the bench anyone got an opinion brian walton

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