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2017-03-17 11:05:25

John Mullen also was able to advise me about the door handles/window winders on the 20/60  being made of Mazak metal. Fortunately a friend was able to drill and pin bonding the broken winder arm with a resin adhesive. He also honed out the escutchins which now can operate as intended. Job done, all I have to do now is have a go at the rear door interior door opening handle, this is truly a mess where somebody has done a lousy botch attempt at repairing the spline socket. This is worn out and broken/serious crack down the side.

Luke Slater
2017-02-27 22:57:40

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your help. Using a combination of your keywords and having trolled thousands of listings online, I've managed to find a set of four exact handles from an Austin collected in Wales. They are on their way to a new home.

Thank you!

2017-02-26 20:25:13

Mark has such a huge collection of doors, he must have dozens of these.

He'll be able to help you out.


2017-02-26 18:36:42

not having a Ten I don't know but the handle you show looks exactly like the ones fitted to Austin Sevens so maybe a Seven supplier can help. (The Seven Workshop, for example)


2017-02-26 16:12:16

Hi Luke,

Have you tried Theo at Austins of Old Arley or Mark at Alderton Austins Services Ltd. ?
They both have web sites with contact details ('phoning would be best).
They both have S/H spares and will probably have the handle with the fixing screw which I notice the new one suggested does not have.



2017-02-26 14:06:35

Hi Luke,
Handles are made from Mazak - known in the trade as muck metal.

Very unlikely if not impossible to repair, unless there is enough material to take some reinforcement in the form of a pin between the two sections.

If there was enough 'meat' to do this then I would try JB weld liquid metal to use as the glue.

Without sufficient thickness to take a pin I wouldn't even try.

mazak isn't a great metal to start with and bearing in mind it's now around 80 years old.....

An alternative would be to get a modern made period looking handle, won't necessarily be a total match but won't smack you in the eye.

Have a look at … dle-winder

Steve V.

Luke Slater
2017-02-26 13:08:54

I suppose the alternative is to try and glue this handle back together. I wouldn't know where to start with tho H - perhaps someone could shed some light on what material the handle is made from and an appropriate adhesive?

It's 'metal' and looks quite porous on both the shaft and handle surfaces.

Luke Slater
2017-02-25 22:49:13


I'm looking for some help in sourcing some new window winder handles for a 1934 Austin 10/4 chrome rad. I have hosted a picture of the broken handle here:

We had an unfortunate accident with the handle snapping!

I can only seem to find solid 'snap on' handles with a spring, and haven't been able to find this variant with a screw to hold them in place.

Can anyone help me find a replacement?

Out of interest, anyone know if these are original handles or a more recent addition?

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you.


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