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2017-09-06 17:00:36

Me thinks our bird has flown. sad

2017-09-05 21:12:34
Brian Hutchings wrote:

84 views and not a single message

Now 184 but several wise posts. 

Number of views includes public not just members and also reflect multiple viewing (e.g. when page is refreshed on changing to wide-angle view).

2017-08-29 19:58:26


Sorry if the response rate has not ended in anyone being able to offer you a sit a Chrome rad 10. I had read it, but you asked for someone local to you, and a chrome rad. I am on the south coast, and I have a 37 Conway so not a chrome rad so not what your looking for hence no response.

We are a pretty big club, but spread across the country mean we are not everywhere, and it is holiday season so some members may not have seen your post.

I agree that trying a few classic car shows is a good start.

Could you possibly travel further a field?

It is a great club for support and knowledge, and if you do make a decision to go for a ten which is an excellent car, the club is well worth joining.

Good luck with your search


2017-08-29 18:12:56

Sorry Brian but I’m with Syd on this one.

I own a 1934 Ten/Four Chrome Rad. and I would have been more than happy to let you try it out and even take it for a drive but I live in Durham and so, even though I saw your post it was pointless replying.

I hope you are more successful with someone closer.
Or if you are ever passing Durham??


2017-08-29 10:10:56

Brian. I share you frustration that you have not received any replies what so ever. There are a number of reasons for the situation as I see it, with respect, I don't think threatening to boycott the club is a good response on your part.

Firstly I suspect most of us who read forums regularly read only the posts that refer to our cars or things that interest us for other reasons, that must limit the number of responses you are likely to receive.

Secondly I and I suspect many others tend to read all new posts and respond with a posting only if we think we have a worthwhile contribution to make, otherwise we are just clogging things up for the sake of it.

There is also the case as in this posting, that there are probably few if any forum members in your area who can help. What is the point of responding with an "I cannot help" posting.

The suggestion that you attend classic car meets in your area is a good solution to your problem, though it is getting very late in the season now.

The ATDC is one of the most friendly helpful and consistent of clubs with great club services, it would be a big mistake on your part if you were to find a chrome rad suited you, not to join the club, you would be missing out on the best part of owning a 10.

Hope you find a ten to try out soon and that you find that it will suit you, they are really a great car to own.  Syd

2017-08-29 08:26:09

I'm sure if you get to one of the rallies or vintage displays any A10 owner would allow you to sit in his car. I have had loads of happy children getting their photos taken in mine over this Bank Holiday. Not a chrome rad but 1936 Cambrige  Ted B

Brian Hutchings
2017-08-28 16:38:33

84 views and not a single message. I'm still  looking for an Austin 10 but will not be joining the ATDC!

Brian Hutchings
2017-08-05 13:56:51

I currently have a 1931 Austin Seven Box Saloon but it's becoming difficult to use due to age and infirmity (of me and my wife, not the car). I wonder if there is some kind person not too far from my address who would allow us to sit in a chrome radiator Austin 10 to try it out for size?
I do not want to drive it, it is simply a question of how much room there is there?
I know that one would fit in my garage but a 12 wouldn't.
Many thanks,
Brian Hutchings

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