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Martin Young
2017-09-30 12:34:56

Many thanks for the information, and so quick.  I will now look for a copy of the Practical Motorist quoted to get the oficial printed version.
Very grateful,
Martin Young.

2017-09-29 18:45:24

The new Austin 10 introduced in 1939, replacing the 10hp Cambridge, was fitted with a banjo rear axle from the start. The Practical Motorist edition of 20 May 1939  contains the phrase "pressed-steel banjo-type rear axle with 3/4 floating half-shafts" on page 115.

Martin Young
2017-09-29 18:06:52

Can anyone tell me the date when the banjo design of rear axle was first fitted to the new alligator bonnet Austin 10 of 1939-48?  Was it fitted to the war-time Tillys?  Please excuse my ignorance but I can't find any printed material to tell me.
Thanks, Martin Young.

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