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2017-12-15 20:10:33

Thank you everyone for your help information for the club magazine would be appreciated but am look to sell car little sooner so if anyone know anyone or a member looking for a car I can leave my contact info if thats okay not sure how post photos of the car is a lovely purple and believed to have original seats and paint has also been dry stored for many years and does have a old radio fitted too  is a project though sadly dont have as much time as I like work on it and looking for a good home preferably a austin 10 member and some one who would take good care of the car have been told is a wiring issue if that helps but thankyou every one again if anyone would like more detail such as price or photos I can leave my email

2017-12-15 15:15:19

If you would like to advertise it in the Austin Ten Drivers Club Magazine I can send you contact details. There is a small charge for this, which I  will need to check and let you know if you are interested. We always have new members looking for cars, or seeking to change to a different car.  (Next opportunity would be Feb mag with deadline for copy 7th January.)

Other options would be one or more of the many Classic Car magazines - look for one that includes articles in its pages on pre-war cars.

Online - in addition to the suggestions made by Bill you could try the Austin 10 Owners group of Facebook. I have seen cars offered there but I do not know with what success.

The most-obvious site is eBay which specialises in car sales and has a classic cars section.  You need to post lots of good photos & write an enticing but honest description. If you set a minimum sale price do not be unrealistic in you expectations - and remember that the commission charged will be based on it as well as the final sale price. You can of course put done 99p as the start point but that can be bad for the nerves!

Another option is top put it in for a classic car auction. This can be expensive in commission and once you have put it into the sale you cannot withdraw without paying a change (which is higher if the catalogue has been printed).

Hope this helps


2017-12-14 19:53:31

Hi Rafael

Have you had a look at the Carandclassics website.  They seem to sell quite a lot of Austins and other classics.  You could also post some pictures on this website with further information.
Try this link for carsandclassics

Regards from Bill

2017-12-14 17:18:52

Would anyone know the best place to sell my car ? Thankyou

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