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2018-01-27 11:32:04

Yes from August 1933 the saloons were wider - see this website Cars / Dating Tens.

Dave Young
2018-01-27 05:30:54

Coverdale UK recently supplied a carpet set for my 32 Austin. The template is for the 33-36 models. I assumed that it would be suitable the 32 model. The template generally looked correct. What I found is that the rear set is quite different. The carpets are wider than required and there are other minor differences. For example, the strips beside the front seats are also wider than required. Overall the 32 floor pan appears to be narrower than the later models.

This seems to confirm my theory that the 32 model is significantly different in many respects to the 33/34 chrome radiator models. I've observed that 32 model is more like the Austin 7 in many respects than the later models. The changes may have occurred when the cross braced frame was introduced in July 1933.

It would be appreciated if someone can confirm that either the carpet template is incorrect or the 32 model has a different floor template to the 33/34 models. If confirmed either way I will advise Coverdale. In the meantime I will take the car and carpet set to a local upholster here in Newcastle, Australia to get it modified to suit.

Kind Regards
Dave Young

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