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2018-03-27 12:02:20

It may belong to a club member if you are lucky, but not all members are on this forum, some one who is, may recognise what is an unusual car, both in model and colour.

There is no legal way to get more information from DVLA as far as I know. Data protection will preclude a model registrar from giving you any information. He/she may be able to send a message to a member if the owner can be identified as a member.

That is all a long shot, not every one who owns an Austin is a member of course and sadly not all members are willing to put their car details on the membership list, in case their details are stolen.

Good luck with your search.  Syd

Piers Smith
2018-03-26 18:33:55

Thank you, yes I see it listed by DVLA, but wondering where to go from there to locate it ?

2018-03-26 14:03:14

Good News is it is shown as taxed and on the road at the DVLA, but is now red.

Piers Smith
2018-03-26 13:13:10

I am attempting to find this 1936 Austin convertible. We knew it as a '14'. it was originally green but may now be red.  Any help gratefully received.

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