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2018-04-17 19:42:32

There is a very nice looking later ten, a Cambridge, on Car & Classic if your interested

2018-04-17 07:19:50

I have joined thanks .Yes there was a ten in last mag but unfortunately sold. Had 7s,12 and a20 in the distance past so having a 10 would be desirable.

2018-04-16 22:36:04

Cars regularly come up for sale in the club magazine, but you need to be a member to get the magazine, which delivered to members in the first few days of each month.

There were several in the April magazine, if you join now you will get a magazine and a chance to contact sellers if they have not been sold already.    Syd

2018-04-16 17:58:41

Looking for an Austin preferably early 10 what have you

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