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2018-05-10 16:15:00

I have never had a problem with 10/4 big end shells on various 10/4 cranks in the last 30years. (Before that I only used white metal rods in earlier engines.)

2018-05-10 00:02:15

my '34 Ascot had had shells (BMC Mini I believe) fitted to the conrods. When the mains were worn out and everything was dismantled there was scoring on the crankshaft. No wonder the Engine Man said, you can't fit modern shells to such a crank, it is too soft, you will damage it. An engine shop can test the hardness to make sure.

Happy Austining,

2018-05-09 23:39:48

If the engine number is over IG71000 then it should have shell main bearings. As standard, it would have white metal big ends but shell conrods can be fitted, if you can find some.

2018-05-09 22:27:17

My 1935 (February) Austin 10 Lichfield should be fitted with a clutch release oiler but when I checked it was fitted with the later type carbon ring system which wasn't introduced for about 6 months after the cars build date. The engine/ clutch/ gearbox are not original and have been replaced at some time. I am just wondering if the engine is the later shell bearing type. Was this ever fitted to the Lichfield or Sherborne cars or only to the 1936 models/ Cambridge? I want to rebuild the engine sometime but the thought of the white metal bearings is putting me off.

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