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2018-05-12 08:37:15

Sorry, John,
You are right about box removal. I forgot that although your van has the girling brakes, it has the Lichfield-style chassis. I should have remembered from my old van which was from the same era. Have emailed the info - hope it may help

John Pomeroy
2018-05-11 20:12:15

Hi Ken, I did try that but it got worse, never mind, it will get sorted somehow!

John Pomeroy
2018-05-11 20:08:28

Hi Phil, likewise its a long time. Thanks for your info, sadly the box/engine has to comeout complete from underneath. Never mind , the instruction sheet would be very helpful, thanks, John P my email is:

2018-05-11 17:56:38

Hi try driving it for a few miles it may just correct
itself and wont cost you anything worth a try cheers

2018-05-10 22:12:15

Good Evening John, Long time no see!
The problem is normally that the toggles that operate the clutch are not set up correctly. The end of each toggle should be about 5/16 inch beneath the machined clutch cover face (by shims under the head of the toggles.) There needs to be a small amount (10 thou) free play to ensure the pressure plate is exerting max pressure on the lined plate as per the article I can send you if you give me your email. Sounds like the box may have to come out again! I've been there in the past! At least with the Cambridge the box can come off separately by removing the rear mounting,
Best wishes
Phil Taylor, formerly of Frome, now London

John Pomeroy
2018-05-10 20:37:32

I have replaced the clutch with a professional relined centre plate in my van, old one slipping because of oil. Before the engine/g/box assembly was fitted, it could only be fitted as one unit from the underside, the clutch arm was depressed in gear to prove that it would dis-engaged the drive when fitted, there seemed no means of adjusting any thing on the pressure plate.
However after re-fitting the unit and starting the vehicle up, re-setting the pedal shaft the clutch would not operate in the correct clean manner.
HELP! Before I remove the whole unit again can anyone come to my assistance.
My grateful thanks.

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