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2018-11-18 13:48:57

Sounds a viable project for some one keen to take it on and at £5,000 sterling or less would not be expensive.

If it is a genuine Mini Cooper engine and it is all there it would pay the shipping costs, then all you have to do is find and fit the right running gear, simples.

It is difficult to see how the current mini set up has been made to work in a 10. Sump,Gearbox, clutch etc? Must be an "A" series A30-35 conversion or amalgamation perhaps.

2018-11-17 19:14:01

As a club member, I'm happy to post the link on your behalf. smile … 06320.html

David Harrison
2018-11-17 18:11:51

My attention was drawn to this chrome rad 1934 four door tourer for sale in Orange County. I had a '35 Clifton in my youth & have always had a soft spot for mid 30's tens!
This on has been a bit "modified" The owner says it has a Mini-Cooper engine (!) it looks like an A series of some sort though. The body style was new to me, with "clap hands doors meeting on a central B post. Owner describes it as an Open Road tourer (?). For sale around $6500 add £1000 to get it here, so might be a good project. I have brought a number of Sevens back from the USA & it is easy, but I have too many & need to stay married!
It seems I cannot post a link on this forum, but look for orangecounty.craigslist etc & you may find it

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