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2019-02-20 10:32:03
Pino wrote:

Has anyone had a gearbox rebuilt> Looking for someone who has or can do these.

Yes - me - light 12/4

2019-02-05 15:37:06

PG Mitchell Motor Engineers
Alison Street

have recently rebuilt one for a local member, (Peter Mitchell phoned me for some info)

The ball bearings' snap ring grooves and position are to pre-war standards.  Post war bearings are not the same.  I understand there is still some pre-war stock of the 10/4's  3rd motion shaft bearing available.  But I fear if stock of the pre-war first motion shaft brg is not.  This means the snap ring groove would have to cut specially.  Not impossible, but adds to the price.  Try London Bearings (Kent) who are aware of this.

2019-02-04 20:27:01

Ted I share your sentiment and find the rudeness more irritating than the take, use and disregard attitude.

Thankfully nearly all the guests are grateful for the help they receive and many join the forum, if not the club.

So I guess it is as well to forget the few ignorant guests, for the benefit of the ones that are truly grateful for our help.   

That having been said, we will both have egg on our faces if Pino has a good reason for not responding.

2019-02-04 19:15:43

You find that happens a lot here Syd,it has to me more than once when i have emails from guests here on how to do certain jobs.Never a thank you or update on how they got on,i will think twice in future,Ted

2019-02-03 14:12:13

Looks like our guest Mr Pino has gone to ground, at least he has not commented on the advice given nor let us know how he has got on with the free advice he has received here. Syd

2019-02-03 11:26:24
Tim Longwortb wrote:

... you may have to accumulate enough second hand spares and choose the best bits...

If you do this, do not mix gears from different boxes as they will not mesh due to the differences in wear and you will end up with a very noisy box of gears.

Probably stating the blinking obvious smile

Tim Longwortb
2019-01-20 22:11:38

As has been said it depends what's wrong it. Main shaft bearings are available but as far as I am aware none of the gears or shafts are. New gears can be cut for anything but would be very very expensive. And I'm not sure about synchromesh cones etc. Used gearboxes are advertised through the club and also on eBay from time to time.. you may have to accumulate enough second hand spares and choose the best bits. I did my gearbox and found it a pig of a job and won't be doing another.

2019-01-15 20:33:56

You may struggle to find someone who is prepared to take on an older gearbox.  I tried quite a few gearbox specialist but they would only rebuild classic car gearboxs.
It depends on what is wrong with your gearbox.  Usually Austin gearboxs are very robust and if the oil is changed regularly there is not a lot to go wrong.
Noisy gearboxs are often just worn bearings,  jumping out of gear is broken selector springs.  Both these can be done fairly easily.
from Bill french

2019-01-14 14:23:13

Theo at Austins of Old Arley is highly regarded but not cheap and you may have to wait in line. He has so much work on that he does not advertise.

2019-01-14 14:17:13

Has anyone had a gearbox rebuilt> Looking for someone who has or can do these.

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