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2019-04-17 16:20:43

If you are thinking of joining the Club so soon before the subscription rate increase.

2019-04-17 15:46:26

Thank you very much!

2019-04-17 15:37:25

The height quoted for the Ten in "The Motor" is 5ft 4ins (1 in taller than the Seven) - editions of June 26th 1934, Feb 2nd 1937, and October 25th 1939 - so it would appear to be consistent for all saloon models. I have checked this against my Cambridge and it tallies.

2019-04-17 10:25:01

I'd like to buy an Austin 10 in the medium term future, and as I'm about to buy a new garage door, I'd like to make sure an Austin 10 will fit under it.
But I'm finding it hard to see dimensions listed anywhere.

Can anyone tell me what the roof height is? I realise that there are many models and that things like tyre/wheel choice may make a difference, so any measurement that could be considered 'average' would be appreciated.


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