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2019-06-17 17:16:04
David wrote:

.... but if any Austin Guru is interested they can contact on my normal email address

For your security email addresses are not visible to anyone reading your post (Austin Guru or otherwise).

It is a nice thought and if you want to contact a Club official you can do so using "Contact Us".

2019-06-16 01:53:05

Quite by chance I was given by an elderly gent who was in the process of clearing his garage a Head Gasket for an Austin 10. He couldn't remember where it came from but he thought it came from a car he owned just after the War. It is in the original Austin branded card envelope packaging carrying the Austin Logo and model/ type information and I have no reason to suspect it does not date from the 1930's. In fact very faintly the card packaging is marked in pencil 1933. The gasket has round water passage holes and conforms with the dimensions of the one supplied by the club for low compression engines but the problem is it is much thicker than the modern gaskets. In fact more than twice as thick as any that I have seen in the past 10 to 12 years since I acquired my 10/4 Lichfield. The copper is undamaged and the core material is definitely asbestos fibre which again is undamaged. I am not planning to use it as my car is fitted with a 1938 Cambridge engine/ clutch and gearbox but I just wondered how rare an original period gasket would be and if it would be useful to the club for measurement comparisons. I cant use the picture attachment system on this website having tried many times but if any Austin Guru is interested they can contact on my normal email address

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