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2019-07-04 08:33:01

Hi John
Please email me, my email address is on the responce above yours.
Regards John

2019-07-03 20:19:53

Hi John
Could you email pictures please
Bumpers are of interest
If it’s no problem thanks Paul
I don’t suppose you have any sliding roof parts?

John Vale
2019-07-03 11:11:33

Hi John,
did you do a deal over the spares offered?
I am looking for some better headlamps.
Perhaps you will let me know one way or t`other.

2019-06-22 11:18:13

Hi Gordon l would be interested please email me
Many thanks
J Chapman

Gordon Newstead
2019-06-21 19:47:32

I have some Austin 10 spare parts including a fuel tank, headlamps, cam shafts, bumper, fly wheel and spare ring gear. Would someone be interested in buying these from me. Collection only from Somerset. Open to offers

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