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2019-08-07 20:01:24

Hi I may be interested ,am i cornwall ,ring me on 07866629694 thanks

2019-08-05 08:25:26

Located just outside Exeter, Devon.

If you send you email address, I’ll send the link to the folder of the images.

First come first serve, I moved the car to its new home last weekend so it’s just the parts left to go now.



2019-08-04 21:22:21

Hi. I bought my first 10 just a few months ago and would like to build up a selection of spares just in case.  Please send me a list or some pictures...and where are you located?

2019-08-04 18:35:01

Where in the country are you?

2019-08-04 18:12:55

If you could send pictures please
Also where in the country are you
Thanks paul

2019-08-04 18:00:52

I have a few boxes of 10 parts of which really need to not be in the barn by the end of the week!

Front grill, radiator, leaf springs, axel parts and loads more 10 things!

I can email photos of the lots and hopefully someone can make me a offer for the lot.


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