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Gary Cullen
2019-09-29 21:03:20

Thanks David,  I checked out their web site and can see all the items I may need.
Can anyone advise what model Andre Hartford damper was fitted to 1933 Austin 10/4?
I haven't taken one off to disassemble and identify as yet but looks like maybe 502 twin disk type?

2019-09-25 22:41:44

Vintage and Classic Shock Absorbers of Croydon, Surrey can supply all the parts you need to refurbish these shocks.

Gary Cullen
2019-09-25 21:18:42

Thanks all for you comments and suggestions.

Steve, yes I am in contact with Marie at Austins of Old Arley, so I will use them a bit more now.

Next job on my 10/4 is refurbishing all the Andre Harford Dampers. first glance is that the mounting bushes are nearly non-existant...... that should be interesting!.



2019-09-25 19:07:03

Peter you say he has not lost interest in the business but from the comments above including mine he surely has.Ted

2019-09-25 11:08:16

Hi all,

Over the years, I've always had helpful, friendly service and advice from Mark Greening at Alderton. His father and mother both worked with him until his mother died. Mark had a bad accident when he fell from the roof of an internal construction in the garage and suffered a severe head injury. He certainly had competent staff assistance, but he is the one (apart from his father, who used to work at Longbridge) who has a specialist knowledge of pre-war Austin cars. Perhaps his father has retired and if Mark is unwell that will be a problem.
I wish him well. He is still advertising in The Automobile Magazine, so he has not lost interest in the business.

Peter C. [6515]

2019-09-24 22:24:27


Have you tried Theo and Marie at Austin’s of Old Arley. They don’t list all their available parts on their website so it would be worth an email to them to see if they have what you need.


Steve F

Gary Cullen
2019-09-24 21:07:32

Thanks Steve and David,
Based on your comments I will let it be and hope Mark gets better soon.

Just a thought, does he have a helper at the business I might contact?  I am not worried about the Ign Warning lamp but I do need some other items he has listed on his web site.



2019-09-24 17:29:14

I have to agree with Steve that Mark didn't look very well at Beaulieu.

2019-09-24 09:00:28

I don’t want to excuse poor communication and unreliability in business and in my experience it has always been quite difficult to get a response from Alderton Austins. I have found perseverance through repeated phone calls the best way to elicit a response. I have even taken a massive detour while travelling to go there personally to find he was out! However, I saw Mark at Beaulieu in September as well. I spoke with him for a while about some parts I needed. He is clearly very unwell and was having trouble writing. He looked very grey, thin and pale. I don’t expect to hear from him about the parts I was looking for and I think it is unlikely that things will improve in the near future based on how he appeared at Beaulieu.

Gary Cullen
2019-09-23 22:56:49

Thanks Ted and David.

So he is at least alive and kicking but seems to just let his online business slide.
Pity, as he has quite an extensive range of Austin 10 parts.
Thing is last items I bought and paid for was a Gear box gaiter and Ign Warning lamp from him but only the Gaiter arrived. Took him several weeks to respond to my emails finally saying he would send me a replacement.  Never happened. since then ( going back to early August ) nothing.
I guess I will flag that and buy another elsewhere.



2019-09-23 20:12:14

He was at Beaulieu Autojumble with his stall 2 weeks ago. So he is still alive and in business.

When I visited his stall I wanted to ask about an item on there. But he was far too busy chatting with the other person helping on his stall he didn't bother to get out of his chair to speak with me. So I walked off and bought what I wanted elsewhere.

Terrible service.

2019-09-23 18:05:09

That is not acceptable at all,i sent an email 2 years ago still waiting for a reply.Ted

Gary Cullen
2019-09-22 23:19:55

Hi all,

I am not sure how to post this but after buying a few items from Mark Greening of Alderton Austin Services for my 10/4 he now won't respond to my emails, hasn't for about 3 months of trying and a call from NZ to the UK is very expensive.
I also tried using his online email but that bombs out as well.
Could I please ask a club member who lives in Marks area to call:  01242 620220  and find out if they are still in business or has some calamity befallen Mark?

Gary Cullen

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