National Rally 2024 - Proposed Location

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National Rally 2024 - Proposed Location

Post by matt_coles » Fri Sep 08, 2023 8:31 am

Your thoughts wanted (members and non-members of Austin Ten Drivers Club), please read and comment below 👇🏻

One of our members has been investigating the feasibility of holding next year's rally in the Yorkshire area and would like your feedback.He has carried out some in-depth research into location, amenities, accommodation etc. And would appreciate feedback and thoughts from members and non-members of the ATDC on his ideas.

Northallerton. A lovely market town about 25 miles north of York which has a very good road access network and is also situated on the East Coast Mainline railway line. Lots of lovely scenery and villages within a few miles, another market town of Thirsk just down the road where the 'James Herriot Museum' is located, there is the ' Wensleydale Preserved Railway' at Leeming Bar a few miles up the road and lots of other places to visit nearby.

Work still in progress but hopefully a Rugby Club ground or large school field.

There are numerous Bed and Breakfast establishments in the town and immediate surrounding area, and parking for Camper Vans and locations for pitching of tents is being taken into account regards site venues.

All this is still work in progress and I have been in touch with an organisation called 'Love Northallerton' who have been set up to promote the town and encourage visitors and the like to use the Town to the best of its abilities. Classic car shows have been held in the Town in the past and will be held again in the future. 'Love Northallerton' are very excited about the prospect of our event being held in the Town and stated they would do everything they could to assist.


Day 1: Friday, the usual set up of the Venue site and the arrival of members and their vehicles from lunchtime onwards

Day 2: Saturday, the usual 'Scatter Run' around the lovely roads and villages of Yorkshire. An evening meal, for those wishing to attend, at a local hostelry.

Day 3: Sunday. Now this is the day I am proposing a change from the usual itinerary of theevent.

As mentioned above, Classic Car Show events have been held in Northallerton in previous years which have been very large crowd pulling events for members of the public. We, as a Club, need to start promoting/publicising our Pre-War vehicles to encourage more people to join us in owning and being a Custodian of our wonderful cars. If we don't start now then our Club, will in time, cease to exist. I know it is a 'BIG' ask of the members that support the Club and attend the National Rally but we need to diversify a bit.

This is why I have come up with the following idea for the Sunday:

'Love Northallerton' put a road closure in place for the day for a large section of the main High Street and the cars being displayed park in the parking areas either side of the road. No other traffic/vehicle access is allowed whilst the event is on. The judging of the 'Groups' can still take place from say 9.00am until 10.30/11.00 am when usually the majority of visitors/members of the public start to arrive. This way we can still hold the 3rd day of the Rally but also promote and publicise our Pre-War cars, talk to visitors and hopefully attract new and younger members.

I realise a lot of members wish to keep the National Rally a 'Private' affair for Club Members only, so this is why I am putting my ideas forward now for members to discuss, inform and give feedback to me as to their thoughts.

👇🏻Please leave your comments below 👇🏻

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Re: National Rally 2024 - Proposed Location

Post by peter_winney » Sat Sep 09, 2023 8:40 am

As requested in the magazine I have emailed the organiser with a positive response. I am already planning my Austin route to Northallerton :D
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Ivor Hawkins
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Re: National Rally 2024 - Proposed Location

Post by Ivor Hawkins » Sat Sep 16, 2023 10:42 am

Raising the profile of the Austin Ten Drivers Club is essential for its survival in my view. The fact that the club has “drivers” in the title, rather than “put it in the garage and look at it” inspired me to join.

With that in mind, this approach to the National, gives the public and anyone interested, a chance to see our cars actually driving around, which is of course, what they were designed and built to do!

I drive mine all the time and people love to see it, even when it is covered in dust and dirt. I have to be prepared to stop and chat at the petrol station, Sainsbury’s, Screwfix or whatever, but I’m happy with that and several have said I’d love to have an old Austin and actually drive it.

I think it’s an idea worthy of consideration.

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Re: National Rally 2024 - Proposed Location

Post by DaiBrace » Wed Mar 13, 2024 9:02 pm

Very late to the party but i think it is a great idea.

Not had my 12 a week yet but I do plan to drive it a lot once I have it sorted out. Already done a school run. As a in use car I am happy for the public to touch and even sit in and play with the car. I have already done a school run as my kids love the car already

Restored time capsule cars for show are fine and have a place but for me they belong on the road being driven

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