1933 ten, valve grind

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Re: 1933 ten, valve grind

Post by bob_allison » Fri Jan 01, 2021 10:06 am

Old cars always did burn oil , so just keep an eye on consumption . No 3 is not badly down at all , so maybe just live with it . You still have plenty of fresh air down under .
Happy New Year !

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Re: 1933 ten, valve grind

Post by GaryCullen » Tue Jan 05, 2021 10:43 pm

Thanks Bob. yes I agree, old cars/motorbikes etc consume oil. I have had a few over the years.
However while I have the car up on stands I decided to check out the rings situation.
I stripped the engine again and removed piston # 4.
First thing noted was the poured metal big end bearing looked in fine shape, no score marks.
However, I removed the top compression rings ( I have discovered I have 4 x Ring pistons ) and inserted in the bore about an inch down.
The gap was so big I didn't bother measuring it!. Austin manual tells me it should be between 6 and 8 thou.
I then measured the bore in several places up and down and at 90 degrees and the average is about 2.4998.
The Austin manual tells me STD bore is 2.4995.
The history I have for the car is only documented from 1973 and the speedo ( original type ) was serviced and now reads 5678 miles.
If the bores on the other cylinders are similar then this car has done very few miles since 1933. A stroke of luck on my part when buying a vintage
with indeterminate early history.
I will start a new thread after I get the other pistons out and complete some more measuring.
Happy new year to all and commiserations on being locked down again.
We are now in the middle of hot summer school holidays.

Auckland VAR

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