Steering issue

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Steering issue

Post by Andrew » Mon Mar 22, 2021 6:10 pm

Well it's got to that time of year when the car is blinking it's eyes in the sunlight after a good winter's rest.
All looking pretty good and hoping for a few more outings this year!

On a run down the lane this evening to check that everything still works (on the car, not me -I know I don't!) we were a bit too wavy on the steering
for if not mine then definitely the better half's liking.
I know that there's plenty of lubrication in the steering system so it's not that but we did weave around a bit excessively!

The steering bushes are pretty old on the car - not original but on for many years.

Might this be part of the problem?

Also, if anyone has any ideas how to stop leaky core plugs I'd be most grateful.
I think I've tried every trick I know and they still weep!

Many thanks.

Andrew Slater

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Re: Steering issue

Post by peter_winney » Mon Mar 22, 2021 6:54 pm

Steering - At the risk of stating the blinking obvious - did you check the tyre pressures? Suggest you do an MoT style check on the king pins (swivel pins), steering joints, front wheel bearings and spring shackles - you will need "dirty help" for this. If you are a club member there is a safety checklist guide on the website or obtainable from the club Tech Rep (see ifc of mag). Also ask for guide on steering tracking - potholes and road humps can seriously disrupt your steering geometry!

Leaky Core Plugs - Best replace. Again there is a club tech guide on this.

Have fun
Peter W
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Re: Steering issue

Post by Andrew » Mon Mar 22, 2021 8:53 pm

Thanks Peter - yes, tyre pressures okay so will look at other things in the steering system.
It's been getting worse over the past couple of years so maybe time for some action!

All good in the engine compartment after the work done last year and no leaks from the manifold which was an issue
at the time.

I'll look at the article on core plugs. I've replaced them several times and tried all sorts of things to seal them off
and get them to seat properly. It's not a big problem but something of an annoyance as drops of rusty water drip onto
my nicely painted manifold and engine block when the engine cools down!


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Re: Steering issue

Post by Rod » Tue Mar 23, 2021 6:51 am

I don't know what the ATDC official recommendation is, but I'm a big fan of brass core plugs sealed with Stag 'B' jointing paste, but Stag 'B' is good for the steel ones too. Even if the seating land in the block/head isn't in good nick, the jointing compound will take care of most minor defects, and has a long service life. If you're getting perforation type corrosion with the steel ones in a short time it might be worth looking at your coolant chemistry?

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Re: Steering issue

Post by BrianLogan_9679 » Wed Mar 24, 2021 10:11 am

I had steering issues last year and having looked at the tyres, the front ones were 24 years old!!! I replaced all four tyres and the car felt hugely better... Theres always a slight feeling of waywardness when driving these cars on Cross Ply tyres (compared to modern tyres).

Regarding the Core Plugs, I had to replace one last year after it gave up the ghost under pressure!! I purchased some of this stuff (below) and it hasn't leaked at all. Failing that, hit the core plug a little harder to get a better seal! ... 70ml-tube/


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