I need your help

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Re: I need your help

Post by peter_winney » Wed Apr 13, 2022 11:08 am

As far as I can tell this club has no record of a car with the reg no JH 2435. The nearest to it are both higher JH numbers and 1933 Tens. The DVLA has no record of a car with that registration either so it looks as though it did not get onto the central computer system (created in the 1980s). That does not mean it does not exist somewhere as cars still turn up that are not registered on it. Other possibilities may be that it was re-registered under an "age-related" number, or has been exported abroad, or sadly it may have been broken for parts.

If unable to find your original Ten how about buying one anyway, which you can use whilst still looking. 1932 Tens occasionally come up to sale, later models more often. Prices are not high at present compared with the pre-covid era and sellers may be open to haggling. A ready to go car will be cheaper in the long run than doing a restoration job. But if restoration is you thing make sure you find a complete car and not one that is a "bitza" ("bits of this and bits of that"). Ads appear in the club magazine, on Facebook, and eBay. Be careful of eBay though as there are scammers on there who advertise cars that they do not own, and the descriptions can be misleading, sometimes false.

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