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#1 2017-07-11 14:04:38

Richard Page

To Trace Mike Bevan and Austin 12?4

I am trying to Trace Mike Bevan who at one time was I believe Secretary of the Owners Club.
He bought from me my Grandfathers 1933 Austin 12/4.for restoration, and I know health issues interrupted his work so whether the project was ever completed I do not know
Unfortunately I have lost his contact details and I was hoping you members may be able to help in any way as my daughter is getting married in May next year, so that if the vehicle has been restored it would make a great bridal car.
Thank you.

#2 2017-07-11 15:08:32

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Re: To Trace Mike Bevan and Austin 12?4


Mike is no longer a member of the Austin Ten Drivers Club.  The Data Protection Act restricts release of personal data that we hold.

However, if you send a request to ATDC Membership Services to pass your contact details to Mike Bevan, via the contact us button on this site or in a letter to the Membership Services address shown there, it may be possible for the Club to let him know of your enquiry and ask him to contact you.

This assumes we still have a copy of an old membership list showing his address at the time he was a member, that he has not moved house since, and that he is willing to contact you. 



#3 2017-07-17 06:11:09

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Re: To Trace Mike Bevan and Austin 12?4

Richard. Please email me


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