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#1 2018-04-16 19:41:36


Another fuel problem.......

Many thanks for the advice at the back end of last year with the fuel problem with my 10/4.

Put in a new online filter, new pump diaphragm and spring (old spring was probably the problem) and all has been well with great gushes of fuel at the banjo bolt when hand priming.
Have run about 60 or so trouble free miles (it's been winter!)
Did 13 miles yesterday and ground to a halt . No fuel coming up to the banjo.

Have just noticed that the fuel line nut is not fully tight at the inlet to the pump (can move it by hand).

Is it possible that this is dragging air into the system and therefore starving fuel? Have tightened it and good gushes of fuel now restored.

Am hesitant to take it on a run until I know it's fixed.

Any ideas?

Many thanks and good wishes to all.

Andrew Slater

#2 2018-04-16 22:32:12

Registered: 2015-10-02
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Re: Another fuel problem.......

Yes if air can get into the inlet side any where your pump will struggle to work properly.

Be very careful not to over tighten the connections to the pump it is very easy to strip the thread, be particularly careful with the top dome nut.


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