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#1 2018-07-08 14:51:54

Murray Hay

Austin 10 body part fabrication

Hi I'm helping a friend (he has a paint shop) by fabricating new parts for a two door Austin 10, I've made new main body rails etc so far but due to a previous 'repair' in the case of the (thicker sheet steel) front lower corner braces I don't know the exact shape of the original parts. My best guess (it looks like a fracture line rather than a 'finished' edge) is as well as being riveted to the front floor/firewall and the sides of the body the brace MIGHT have been wider and also riveted to the main fore/aft body rails... anyone got photos or drawings of this area of the body? Thanks Murray

PS pictures from my twitter feed show the work done so far. Twitter user name is  'murrayhay'

NB I tried joining the forum but it says not taking new members.

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