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#1 2018-07-22 07:08:42

Dave Young (8215)

Spring Shackle Pins and Bushes

Are there any tricks to replacing the silent block bushes front and rear on my 1932 Austin 10. Seems like it's never been done on this car before - original but perished rubber bushes. Thanks

#2 2018-07-22 09:49:38

Registered: 2015-10-02
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Re: Spring Shackle Pins and Bushes

Dave , if you join the Club you can borrow a tool.

They can be driven out with a lot of brute force and some heat or make a puller.

Get hold of some steel tubing a lump of thick steel and a high tensile steel bolt threaded all along it length.

You need two peaces of tubing one needs to be slightly smaller than the outer of the silent block and a quarter of an inch longer longer. The second needs to be the same length but bigger than the silent block. The bolt and steel need to be as strong as possible and about 8 inches long.

Make up two pieces of steel larger than the spring end and drill them to take the bolt which as I say, needs to be as  big as possible and long enough to pass through the steel plates and tubes and also the spring end.

Put one steel plate on the bolt, grease the smaller tube well and put it on the bolt, pass the bolt though the spring and fit the large tube and second steel plate. Fit the nut on the bolt with a washer and lots of lubricant and wind the bolt in, pulling the smaller tube through the spring and sending the old silent block out and into the larger tube.

You will then need to get the smaller tube out of the spring end, and the new bush in which can be fun.

I used the puller to push the new bush in.

You can use a new silent block as a pusher but it may get damaged in the process.

It is very hard work.

Good luck with the job.   Syd


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