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#1 2018-11-21 15:46:32

David Johnson

Clutch size

Currently the engine, clutch and gearbox is out of my Austin 10/4 Lichfield (Feb 1935). I know it has been fitted with a later A10 Cambridge engine but when I checked the clutch plate I find that it has an 8.25* plate/ cork face. I can't find any reference to this size in the Austin literature. Any ideas?

#2 2018-11-22 10:55:13

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Re: Clutch size

The linings I have are 8" dia. But there are 3 different linings for the Cambridge with holes spaced at different intervals. Later models had sprung centre plates.

The main difference between the clutches on the earlier cars (1932-36) and the Cambridge (1936-39) is that the former had the linings riveted to the flywheel and pressure plate but the Cambridge had the linings on the centre plate (making them much easier to change).

The lining will not be cork - it is not a Veteran or Edwardian! It would have been an asbestos mixture in the past but now more lung-friendly materials are used.

If you can take a paper trace of the linings on the centre-plate this may help Spares identify which linings you need. Otherwise you could take the plate to a clutch specialist near to you and they can replace them for you. My local one did it within a day.

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