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#1 2019-01-13 21:59:35

James Hodgkinson

Austin 10 1933 open tourer CG 4363

Does anyone know where this car is now I rebuilt her around 1998 1990 and had to reluctantly sell her in 1991 she was green with a green interior and a black hood.

Kind regards James

#2 2019-01-14 10:28:40

From: Rickmansworth
Registered: 2013-01-04
Posts: 107

Re: Austin 10 1933 open tourer CG 4363

The registration number CG 4363 unfortunately doesn't show up on the DVLA database. One possible explanation for this, assuming that the vehicle still exists, is that it may have gone abroad. A registration number can be lost under such circumstances, unless steps are taken to retain it at the time of sale.



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