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#1 2019-05-20 14:34:03


Seeking information on 1934 Cabriolet, formerly ST 7787

I was a member of the ATDC in the 1980s and early 1990s when I owned a 1934 10/4, 2 door, pram hood-ironed Cabriolet. Dark blue over black. Blue leather interior. It was from the Inverness area originally and I bought it from the a gentleman in the south Glasgow area in 1985. I sold the car around 1993/4 and lost contact with it quite soon thereafter. It was in excellent condition bodily and cosmetically, having been restored just before I purchased it.the interior had been retrimmed. The hood was original and in good condition. The engine was in need of an overhaul, but otherwise it was excellent. There was nothing about this car that would have made it even vaguely likely that it would have been broken up for parts or scrapped. Unless a major accident has occurred, I believe that the car must be around today.
I have tried to trace the car, but the registration number appears to have been sold off the vehicle and is now on a modern Jaguar car, according to a search on the DVLA website. The original number was ST 7787.
I'm hoping that my old car was still part of the
ATDC membership, albeit with a new registration number.
I'd be very grateful to hear from anyone who thinks they may know of its existence. All help gratefully received.

#2 2019-05-20 17:01:30

Registered: 2015-10-02
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Re: Seeking information on 1934 Cabriolet, formerly ST 7787

Sadly Roy this is happening all to often, some one wants a number for his modern heap with their initials. He/she buy the car rob the number and sell the naked car on wards wearing a new number, cost does not come into it.

Once a car has an age related number it is almost as if it has a contagious disease. For some reason even very nice motors sell for really silly money because of the age related number.

Cars with the numbers robbed are very difficult to trace unless you are lucky enough to know some one who did the robbing or knows the new owner and the history.

Very often the seller advertises the car and the buyer comes from anywhere in the UK, takes the car home robs the number and advertises it with the new number on. So there is often no local or club connection.

You can only hope as it is a relatively unusual model some one on the forum knows what went on and where the car might now be, but it's a long shot. Good luck Syd


#3 2019-05-20 21:27:25

From: Hampton Hill, S W London
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Re: Seeking information on 1934 Cabriolet, formerly ST 7787

Hi Roy,
No further info but I have a list of 1933/4 Cabriolets which shows ST 7787 owned by you (Roy Percy, member 3331?) in 1986, previously owned by F Laing. Chassis no G43368, body no GC21982 registered 25th July 1934. No information since but as Syd says it could be on my list under another number as it is not possible to get the chassis/body nos of most cars - only ever published in the Club in the 1995? members list.
As only about 50 members actively use this site, an advert in the monthly magazine which is seen by all members might get a response? (There is also a member in Kent with a Cabriolet who has a more extensive and up to date list who might respond if he has more info.)
Sorry that I can't be more help.


#4 2019-06-11 09:56:29

Roy Percy

Re: Seeking information on 1934 Cabriolet, formerly ST 7787

Many thanks for replying, Syd and Phil. I had the opportunity to make the registration number permanently  'fixed' to the Austin via a service offered by the old DVLC before I sold the car. Unfortunately, as I was selling to a friend, I didn't think about doing this. He sold the car on and someone has has subsequently sold the number off it. It is now on a Mercedes Benz.

I don't  have any records of the car (and barely a photo either, which is ridiculous given how much I loved it and the fact that I was training to be a photographer at the time of ownership!), so having the chassis and engine number from the ATDC archive is a major step forward. I'd even forgotten the name of the man I'd bought the car from. Mr Laing. Many thanks for that, Phil!

I was driving through the south of England about three or four years ago and an exact replica of my 10/4 cabriolet drove past me in the opposite direction. It was exactly as I remember my car -- the colour scheme and interior colour were the same. The hood looked like the original too. The registration number was wrong, of course, so I didn't think more about it. That was before I found out that the number had been sold off of my old car. I am now wondering if it was my 10/4 that I saw.

Maybe a member will see this thread and recognise the engine and chassis numbers that Phil has posted. It's a long shot, but fingers crossed anyway.

I will look into taking an advert out in the magazine. Hopefully the memeber in Kent will see this exchange or that advert and be able to help.
It's possible, of course, that the current owner is not a club member, but somehow that seems a bit unlikely given the benefits of membership.
As an aside, I used to buy parts from a man called Bob Glenister. I don't suppose he's still on the go these days?
Many thanks again.

#5 2019-06-11 10:01:02

Roy Percy

Re: Seeking information on 1934 Cabriolet, formerly ST 7787

I'm not sure that I'll be able to post a photograph on here, but if I can find one I will look into doing so. It would certainly help if I was to take out an advert in the club magazine.

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