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#1 2015-04-04 19:26:32

Tim Lovelock

Valuation of a '34 2 Seater Tourer

Hullo there,

I am asking on behalf of a friend of mine who sadly lost his father late last year, he had had this car only a short while but had it recommissioned and was using it for local shows etc during 2014 until his passing late that year.

So far I have found the advert which he bought it from originally, and we are awaiting a break in the weather to get some updated photos.

I understand this is not an original colour scheme but I am led to believe that the model is a rarity.

I will update here if we get a decent day soon for photos.



#2 2015-04-05 16:19:59

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Re: Valuation of a '34 2 Seater Tourer


Does your friend need an insurance valuation, a valuation for probate, or an indication of what it might fetch if sold?  Like with houses - all these are likely to be different.

But - valuation is a service the Club only offers to members - so your friend will need to join first.



#3 2015-04-12 20:36:28

Tim L

Re: Valuation of a '34 2 Seater Tourer

He has had it valued for probate via a local garage that deals in classics, we also know what his father paid for it about two years ago. It's a 2 seater tourer with dickie upholstery in non original blue two tone.

I'm afraid he is unlikely to join as he has a mountain of other things to attend to as well as this.  I am trying to help him move it along whilst it is a going concern.  There are another cache of classics that don't go that will need attendance in the future.

#4 2015-04-13 11:36:58

From: Teesside,North Yorkshire.
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Re: Valuation of a '34 2 Seater Tourer

Do you have any photos that you can send???if so email me, see if i can help.Ted


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