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#1 2018-07-18 10:50:58


34 10/4 steering drop arm

I have 1934 Colwyn, the steering wheel has  about 5/8” free play rotation on the straight ahead position, am I correct in thinking, remove the drop arm, rotate the steering wheel 180deg, refit the drop arm, ie, use an unwarn part of the worm. Could that work?
Is the drop arm on a taper or a parallel spline?

Thank you in advance for any replies.

#2 2018-07-18 19:51:41

From: North Shields, Tyne and Wear
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Re: 34 10/4 steering drop arm

Hi Alfie
5/8 " of free play does not sound excessive to me. It would probably have passed the old MOT with that degree of movement.  Is your steering box adjustable? you could take some of the free play out by adjustment if you wanted to.  But be carefully not to make the steering too tight on full lock.

from Bill French

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#3 2018-07-18 21:00:51

From: Polegate, East Sussex
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Re: 34 10/4 steering drop arm

Apparently up to 3'' maximum free play at the steering wheel is permitted on steering box cars.

Steve V.

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#4 2018-08-01 16:15:22

From: Hampton Hill, S W London
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Re: 34 10/4 steering drop arm

Hi Alfie,
You can do as you suggest - I've done it before with the earlier steering box with great improvement. Drop arm is on a spline - tough to get off - but as Bill and Stephen say, 5/8" at the straight ahead position is not excessive for an early thirties 10.


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