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#1 2018-06-22 22:47:52

Adam Fryer

Austin 10 Flywheel Housing

Hello all,

I'm in the fortunate position of having my fathers Austin 10 (I believe 1934) in the garage.  It's been dormant with a seized engine for the past 30 years but has recently been given a new lease of life with a full engine re-build and a new radiator.

The impetus for getting the car back in running order was so that I could have it as a wedding car (as my parents did before me) which was a great touch to the day - however, we encountered a bit of a problem on the test run the night before!

Basically, whilst cranking the car over on the starter motor, there was a large "snap" sound, and the starter motor snapped off of the flywheel housing.

Now, I imagine that for whatever reason the bolts holding the motor were already loose, and the torque of the motor combined with this made it rattle around, cracking the mounting point.

We managed to disconnect the starter and get the car going on the day using the crank handle - thankfully!

However, we'd like to get it back in full working order.

So, my questions to you all are:

Do you think the flywheel housing is repairable?

If so, do you think it would be weld-able, in situ, or would it need to come off the car?

If it needs to come off the car, does that mean a full engine out job?

And if the engine needs to come out, are we better off getting a replacement flywheel housing rather than attempting a repair?

Thank you for any advice you can give me!

Pictures here (hopefully):....



#2 2018-06-23 08:32:21

From: Prestwick, Scotland
Registered: 2013-01-04
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Re: Austin 10 Flywheel Housing

Hi Adam,

I personally think with that amount of damage you would be best to obtain another housing - I have had the bolt lugs welded satisfactorily but in your case I feel it would be cheaper to get another one.

They come up on ebay frequently but you could try Theo at austinsofoldarley or Mark at aldertonaustinservices - they both are very helpful. - best to 'phone not email.

Make sure what model and age you car is so that you get the correct one.

All the best,



#3 2018-06-23 08:35:35

Registered: 2015-07-30
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Re: Austin 10 Flywheel Housing

Hi Adam,

Thats a rotton break, but glad you got it going again for the day.

Had to copy your photo link into a separate window to see it (for anyone else struggling to open it). If you look closely, it appears there is a crack continuing on down to the right a long way around the casting. If you follow the face of the break round there is a definite line across it and a silver line following on down to the right following the curve of the casting.

If it was me, it would be an engine and gearbox out, and get it cleaned up and assessed. The teeth on the flywheel look partly worn so I would change the starter ring while it is out. (available from the club spares)

There looks to be oil contamination to the break suggesting there has either been a crack for some time which has finally progressed and finally failed as you should not have got any significant oil in that area for the amount of time you have driven it since the full rebuild. A worn engine can blow oil through the oil thrower into the bell housing. You could get that from poor timing on the cam but the engine would be running badly if that was the case.

Good luck with it,



#4 2018-06-24 10:42:55

From: Hampton Hill, S W London
Registered: 2013-01-04
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Re: Austin 10 Flywheel Housing

Hi Adam,
I agree it does not look sensible to repair - join the Club? - someone may be able to help in providing a replacement. Appears that the engine may been dropped at some time before the gearbox was bolted on, as the main remaining cracks are extensive and not new, as Mike says. I have done this once when a new engine toppled off my workmate and snapped the mounting lug!
Obviously it is an engine out job whatever course you follow.
(In my view, the flywheel teeth have at least 50,000 miles left in them so I would not renew the starter ring any time soon.)
Good luck


#5 2018-06-24 19:41:05

From: North Shields, Tyne and Wear
Registered: 2013-01-04
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Re: Austin 10 Flywheel Housing

Yes it is an engine and gearbox out job, which is not too difficult, and a new gearbox housing if you can find one.  If not and you still have the broken off piece a specialist aluminium fabrication company could repair it.  I have had a gearbox engine mounting welded back in to place very successfully.
Regards from Bill

You buy a car,  But you invest in an Austin


#6 2018-06-25 22:01:55

Adam Fryer

Re: Austin 10 Flywheel Housing

Thank you all for your swift replies and good advice.

It's clear then that getting the engine and gearbox out is the first step.  I have the broken off piece of casting still but judging from Michael's keen observations regarding further cracks it seems that a repair may be difficult.

I think the plan of action now will be to get a replacement housing ready regardless, and spend a weekend taking the engine and gearbox out, fixing it up and getting it all back together again.  We want to get the car back on the road as soon as possible to make the most of the summer and I can see that this might drag on otherwise!

We could always get the original housing welded once it has been replaced, to use as a spare that may be of use to someone else in the future.

I'll be making an application to join the club shortly and start the hunt for a new housing.  Thanks for the contact suggestions.


#7 2018-08-08 09:29:48

From: Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Registered: 2018-01-03
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Re: Austin 10 Flywheel Housing

Adam, did you join the club, if so I can help.  Please message me with your details as I have an undamaged flywheel housing which may be of use.


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