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#1 2018-08-09 20:05:19

David Johnson

Austin 10/4 Engine

Disaster struck today. When removing the cylinder head from my Lichfield the number one piston was found to have broken. A piece above the top ring had broken off and damaged the cylinder wall causing a deep groove. The top ring also seems to have broken and something has fallen down the cylinder and appears to have scored the crankshaft. The other 3 cylinders also have a slight lip at the top but not too bad and could be lived with but the block also has a crack which was previously sealed with epoxy.

I think the time has come to fit a replacement engine as an alternative to rebuilding this one.

Is there anyone out there who has a spare engine for a 10/4 Lichfield and which they would be prepared to let me have to keep my car on the road. I could probably collect from a UK address. I have been a club member for some years but as I changed my email address when I retired the system wont let me sign in to the members area.

#2 2018-09-28 11:46:37

Chris Hghes

Re: Austin 10/4 Engine

I have one Austin 10 engine complete with crankshaft, con rods, pistons, bell housing, cam shaft, valves etc. It has a small crack at the top between No. 4 cylinder and the outer edge. Also another block with just the cam shaft.
Both circa 1936 and both available.
Chris. 01398 323063

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