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#1 2014-11-15 12:12:46

Ger van de Kolk

Austin Ten GS1 build 1947

Hello members,

We own in Portugal a nice Austin ten GS1 build 1947 (left-side drive). It is restored but needs a finishing touch.

We have gearbox and carburettor problems so we are looking for a replacement gearbox or somebody who could overhaul the thing. If there is a kit available we could do it ourselves.

Also we are looking for a replacement carburettor.

The number of the Zenith carburettor is 30VM 6.
The number I could find on the gearbox is 1386.

Other parts we are looking for:

Tank float for the petrol tank.
Original front seats.
Steering box.
Direction pointer left and right complete
Clutch kit.
Retaining rings left and right rear brakes.
Window glass guide of the rear window left side.
Windshield wiper mechanism (not the actual motor).

If you could help us out very much appriciated.
Local pick up is possible.

Thanks in advance

Ger van de Kolk

#2 2014-12-26 20:15:42

spirit of Britain

Re: Austin Ten GS1 build 1947


I have started a facebook group for owners of Austin GS1 GV1 and Utility models. Hopefully we can help eachother out!

Search for Austin light Utility GS1 GV1


#3 2014-12-27 00:44:11

Anthony Mealing

Re: Austin Ten GS1 build 1947

eBay, there was a complete engine and gearbox for your car with all the running gear a week or so back.
Tony Mealing ATDC

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