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#1 2015-02-21 22:07:21

rob passfield

timimg chain rattle when oil is up to temparture

Hi, I am new here. I have owned my 1946 GS1. I rebuilt the engine 2 years ago, but didn't renew the timing chain. It started to rattle after the rebuild, but only when the oil was hot? I removed the timing case &  found one of the cam sprocket locating bolts loose causing the sprocket to rotate slightly. I renewed the chain, bolts & locking tab washer. All was fine for a while, but the noise has returned. Can anyone say of this is a regular problem with the 10/4 engine?

#2 2015-03-02 12:06:36

Registered: 2013-01-04
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Re: timimg chain rattle when oil is up to temparture

I am very familiar with the prewar engine but the postwar one is very different. I have never seen marks on the inside of the timing chain case where the chain has touched/worn grooves and I have dismantled quite a few high mileage and knackered engines.
Is the problem to do with end float on the camshaft? The prewar engine has a button which slots in the end of the camshaft which bears on the case to prevent end float forwards. The back of the timing sprocket bears on the crankcase. It is a bit rough and ready but it works well.
It might account for the timing chain noise.
Sorry if I telling you what you have already checked Good luck,
Phil Taylor


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