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#1 2015-03-19 05:55:23

Rod Brien

Austin Goodwood info

Hello Everybody,
I'm hoping your archives or members may have some more information about our Austin Goodwood, chassis FRA40145. I know its an August 1938 build car [piston type shocks/lubricated springs/push button start/umbrella handle park brake etc] but all of the history of the car prior to its resurrection in 1994 is lost. It was evidently imported here-New Zealand- sometime in 1939 but I'm unable to establish whether it was imported CBU/CKD or a private import? I suspect it may have been one of the last Goodwoods to get here prior to WW2 and I also suspect it may be an 'export' model as it has some minor differences to the car described in the 'Motor Trader Service data No. 59 of 1 March 1939'. Any kiwis out there reading this- the previous licence plate was SY4380, the car is two-tone green [which I'm told is original] like the one on the cover of Wyatts Austin book.
The car isn't [and won't be] concours, but who cares-its a classy drive, and you don't see one every day smile
P.S.  If anyone has an operational windscreen opening mechanism they want to sell...
Many Thanks,

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