Content of March magazine

22 February 2024

March Magazine

Content Management

This month the magazine will be slightly thinner to accomodate the Annual Report, Accounts to Dec 2023 and other AGM documents.

AGM Documents

The Annual Report is larger than usual so as to include important information for members for discussion at the AGM about the future direction of the club and the services it provides.

Weight & Postage

The magazine is usually sent out to ensure that it does not exceed the minimum weight of 100g. However, this year’s AGM Reports and Accounts are more extensive, and require 16 pages rather than 12 as in other years. As a result, if the magazine had been printed using 32 pages as usual, and sent out together with the AGM Reports and Voting Form, the cost of postage would have more than doubled due to the 100g limit being exceeded.

It has been decided to reduce the magazine this month in order to allow for the extra weight of the AGM papers and remain within the 100g limit. The magazine will return to 32 pages in April and beyond


AGM Reminder
AGM reminder - Sun 7th April - 11am

April Magazine
April mag is not OUT - with lots of events ahead

Board Minutes 2024-01-13
Minutes of meeting 13th Jan 24