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  • France Reduced Speed Limit
  • 09/Sep/2018
  • New 80 kph Limit

    From 1st July 2018 the speed limit in France on 2-lane highways has been reduced from 90kph (56mph) to 80kph (49mph) in an attempt to reduce the appalling casualty rate on these roads. 


    Athough now mostly designated as Departmental roads with D number many of these roads used to be the old Route National highways. They can still provide direct though routes avoiding motorways. Modern "improvements" mean frequent roundabouts, excessive "Traffic Calming" measures, and loss of the RN numbering, which reduce the pleasure of using them.


    On the face of it this reduction in the speed limit does not appear to affect those of us driving an Austin in France since we are unlikely to cruise at 50 mph. Any attempt to do so on long stright French roads will result in overheaing of the engine.  


    But it does mean that overtaking vehicles, if they stay within the speed limit, will only have a margin of 10kph to pass instead of the previous 20kph - increasing the time they spend on the left side of the road in the face of oncoming traffic thus increasing the risk and time in the danger zone.  Unfortunately French drivers do have a tendency to sit in the "Audi Zone" on the boot of the car in front where they cannot see to overtake safely. Plus dont forget the English idiot in a hurry and late for his ferry.


    Stay safe - be aware. And if you get the chance pulloff and let the queue go past.




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