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  • Membership Renewal Online
  • 24/Jun/2019
  • Membership Renewal Online

    Most ATDC members will have received a subscription renewal reminder for the year 2019 to 2020 with their June 2019 magazine.

    The reminder is the address slip for the magazine and shows prominently on the front MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FORM FOR 2019-20. When opened it is bordered in red with the logo URGENT ACTION REQUIRED.


    If you joined or re-joined after 1st July 2014 you will have a different annual period of membership and will receive your reminder with your magazine at an appropriate date. Check your membership card and renew before the expiry date shown.


    You may renew by phone, by post or online. Save time and postage by renewing online. Renewals by phone can only be done during normal working hours.

    How to Renew Online

    To renew online:-

    1. Ensure you have your debit or credit card to hand
    2. Login to the members area
    3. Click on the “Renew Now” link on RH side of screen
    4. Check that your personal details are up to date and amend them if necessary
    5. Click “Next”
    6. Check type of subscription and cost (e.g. if changing between standard or joint, UK or overseas)
    7. Click on “Proceed to Payment”
    8. Next screen says “To make a payment you will be taken to the SquareUp payment page” this is a secure payment facility – Click on “Proceed to Payment”. There may be a slight delay compared with previous pages in the process
    9. Fill out details requested (replacing the examples given).  Please note:
      a. Enter the email address that you would like your payment confirmation to be sent to.
      b. MM/YY is the expiry date shown on your credit or debit card
      c. CVV is the last 3 digits on the signature strip on the back of your debit/credit card
    10. Click on “Place Order”. The SquareUp site will take your payment and then return you to the ATDC site.
    11. “You have successfully renewed”.  The “Renew Now” button will no longer appear.
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