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  • MoT Exempt VHI and Safety Checks
  • 21/May/2018
  • MOT Exemption

    From today the new more rigorous MoT checks are introduced for the majority of road vehicles in the UK. From this date Vehicles of Historic Interest (VHI) are exempted from the requirement to have an annual MoT. For ATDC-eligible vehicles this will not make a substantial difference to pre-existing arrangements for MoT exemption for pre-1960 registered vehicles but registered owners may find that they need to use the new form V112. 

    Vehicle of Historic Interest

    VHI are described as vehicles over 40 years old (except large goods vehicles and passenger service vehicles in commercial use) which have not been substantially modified from original within the past 30 years.  If you have an Austin vehicle that has been substantially modified within the past 30 years you will need to seek advice from the relevant car club as to whether if counts as a VHI. See FBHVC list. For 10-28 hp 1931-39 this is ATDC.

    Re-Taxing Exempt Vehicles

    VHI must be insured, taxed and roadworthy. Currently no duty is paid upon re-taxing but in lieu of an MoT a form V112 declaration must be completed. The latest version of Form V112 may be obtained from the DVLA or can be downloaded by ATDC members from within the members area - see Technical Documents.

    Roadworthy Requirement

    It remains the legal responsibilituy of the owner and driver to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy to the appropriate standard when the vehicle was new.  This assumes the normal pre-journey checks and other regular checks and servicing in accordance with the manufacturer's user manuals.

    Safety Checklists

    To help ATDC has produced for advice on checks for the owner/driver to follow and to help enable the car to be maintained, if not by the owner then by another more skilled person, or to be attended to by “the garage”.

    Three Documents

    The ATDC MoT-style checklist has been published for members in three parts covering the main areas to be checked-

    1. Running Gear - steering, brakes, suspension
    2. Lighting - including indicators both ancient and modern
    3. Chassis and Bodywork

    Online in Members Area

    These 3 documents can be accessed and downloaded from within Documents / Technical Fact Sheets / Safety Checks

    For "peddle" please read "pedal" throughout.